Proudly Endorsed By
Central WA Building & Construction Trades Council
IBEW Local 112
Kennewick Education Association
Teamsters Local 839
UA Local 598 Plumbers and Steamfitters

As a lifelong student, I hold education as the most important institution in our community. Out of a sense of gratitude, indebtedness, and a desire to give back, I owe it to our children to step up and ensure they have the best opportunities we can provide. I am fortunate to be able to offer my education and experience in law, business, sociology, and economics as a school board director.

Education not only prepares students for jobs. It prepares them for life. The social skills students learn from sports, performing arts, debate, etc., are as essential as traditional academic subjects. I will work to preserve these opportunities for our students.

Throughout this campaign, I have stayed focused on one thing: Our children. Their preparation through education. Their growth, enrichment, experience, and achievement. I do not come with a political agenda. I want to help prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges.

My wife and I are proud that both our children graduated from KSD. I would be honored to serve you, our students, and our community.

I humbly ask for your vote.



PO BOX 5591
PASCO WA 99302